Preparing for a challenging future

The role of Information Technology (IT) can hardly be overstated in today's business environment. IT solutions help organisations meet current market demands as well as attain greater efficiency.

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Journey so far

With the intention of bringing modern technology to the work place, we entered the space of IT solutions in 2014 under the name of Invetech. Over the years, we've built our experience across various industry processes. Our technically proficient team can help you get more organised with the right support and advanced business automation services.

A World of Solutions

Metering Solutions
Demand forecasting
Open access bidding services for power exchange and smart homes
Customisable open access live dashboard (real time electrical consumption data plus analytical tools)

Our Products

Power Trading Software (PTS)

This system, designed for traders, automates all components or activities related to power exchange trading starting from bidding till the acknowledgement of payments.

SmartTech EMS or Smart Energy Management Dashboard

This provides updated and client-specific analysis of power consumption for efficient power management.

Open Access Software

This automates all bilateral power transactions. The software maintains a centralised database with access to various departments.

RealGen Software

RealGen Application is useful for those who want to monitor real-time injection of power with respect to the actual schedule. This will help reduce penalties under weekly DSM charge.

Energy Forecasting

We seek to cover Renewable Energy Forecast and Load Forecast. RE forecast provides comprehensive coverage of wind and solar forecast in one convenient volume and Load Forecasting helps predict the power needed to maintain the demand and supply equilibrium for DISCOMS and States. Our software has a 96% accuracy rate.

Energy Accounting

This software is used for energy accounting in states and regions. It processes 15-minute schedules as well as meter data and generates several energy accounts like Deviation Settlement Account, Reactive Energy Account, Congestion Charge Account and Reserves Regulation Ancillary Services (RRAS) Accounts. Besides this, software prepares several reports/charts.

PTS Genco

It’s a contract management and scheduling solution, which manages the transactions from front-to-back office. With a focus on power generation companies, the solution supports management of multiple trades (long, medium and short term) and provides complete power scheduling across system operators in multiple markets (bilateral and power exchanges).

Power Portfolio Management Solution

We help clients efficiently manage the demand-supply gap and optimise their power costs. We indigenously developed a software solution for power distribution utilities which covers the entire gamut of power management including forecasting (load, supply and prices), scheduling optimisation, billing automation and more.

Transmission System Outage Planning Software

TSOP software is useful for all the power grids those are requesting, rejecting and approving outage. The software aims to streamline the process of outage coordination between SLDCs, RLDCs, NLDC, RPCs, owners of transmission assets and transmission element outage Indenting Agencies.

Our Expertise

Our solutions resonate not just with the demands of our customers but also with rising demands of the industry.
Our services efficiently enable our customers to create better every day.

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