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A Legacy of Excellence

Our journey as Mittals Group, started years back, as one of the very few Power Trading companies in India. We have come a long way since then, achieved many feats and have been dedicated to expanding our horizons in the last few years. Today, we are the 2nd largest corporation in the Power Trading Industry .Kreate is our overarching identity that runs across different verticals, which are: Kreate Energy, Kreate Technologies, Kreate Lights, Kreate Commodity, Kreate Green Energy and Kreate Advisory.

We invite you to Kreate something great with us.

.Kreate is our overarching identity that runs across different verticals, which are:


Be a leader in innovating and investing in clean technologies to add value to our partners.


Be a leader in providing deep business insights, using emerging technologies and data analytics for improving business performance of our partners in the energy, commodity and green solutions.


Our values are the foundation for all of our actions. They are designed to help us reach our full potential and to guide our interactions with our clients.

Our Values

Meaningful relationships with something bigger

We understand your world, the full magnitude of your work and its impact on the wider world. To service that, we will go beyond mere delivery of solutions and help you find answers that solve a bigger need.

Open and innovative

We are attuned to the changes happening around us. We are driven to discover and implement new insights. This allows us to dream big and aim to do things differently so we can stay ahead of the curve.

Positive and respectful

We believe in a work culture that places a premium on thoughtfulness, humility, gratitude and a deep understanding of people.

Unrelenting performance

Once we have a direction, we're firmly focused on achieving goals. We work hard and are our biggest critics in the endeavor to find the right solutions.

Holistic thinking

We consider the impact of our actions at every stage and believe in long term thinking. We will explore every perspective in order to find the answers that work for you.

Environmental consciousness

As players in a sector that is so strongly dependent on the environment, we consider it our duty to ensure that our actions strengthen nature by making the right choices for ourselves and our clients.

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