Green Energy

Towards a greener, cleaner tomorrow

With the effects of unbridled development, highly visible in the form of increased pollution and lower quality of life, environmental consciousness among citizens, governments and industries has gone up. Consequently, the world is increasingly realising the importance of eco-friendly sources of energy. At Kreate Green Energy, our ideas, experience and R&D focus will prove essential in combating potential power crisis and climate change.

Journey So Far

Previously known as MPPL Solar, we are one of the top companies in this sector, a known knowledge partner and trusted consultants. We are The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) Channel Partner and empanelled with Central Electronics Limited (CEL) and Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL).

Convert conventional power users into users of Green Energy Users

Our Commitment

- Strive to create a renewable energy portfolio which is at least 25% of our total portfolio by 2025

- Strive to develop new products and services to enable mainstreaming of renewable energy projects

- Participate in community activities promoting self-sustaining village model around our projects and activities


We believe that current energy policy in the world should move away from sources that cause destruction to the natural world. It is our endeavour to make concerted efforts towards the widespread application of solar energy technologies and methodologies.

A World of Solutions

We are involved in the installation of solar rooftop installations and plants. Not only do these help businesses cut costs but it also helps them meet their renewable energy purchase obligations. Right from solar plant design, technical assessment and selection to interconnection requirements as well as support and maintenance after installation, we maintain a reliable presence throughout.

Solar BOOT services

We set up plants under the Build, Operate, Own and Transfer (BOOT) model. The entire cycle of work in here includes:

  • - Financing the plant’s commissioning
  • - Designing, engineering and procuring components
  • - Constructing, installing, testing and commissioning the plant
  • - Managing operations and maintenance with a mutually agreed non-escalating tariff fixed for 25 years
  • - Transferring the plant to client free of cost after a minimum contract period of 15 years

Benefits of Pay and Use Solar Plant

We work on zero investment principle and no overhead and maintenance cost liability.

Benefits users from day one and its benefit starts escalating YoY till 25 years.

Hassle free use of substantial solar units per day without making any changes in the electrical standards and setup in the company.

Transfer of the solar plant to the client after completing 15 years of successful Solar Power Purchase Agreement without any dispute.


We are also involved in the set up of small hydro power plants. Our vision and strategy under this is:
Base work for acquiring projects aggregating to 10–12 MWs within 6 months are already done

Why Us

  • We offer guaranteed Performance Ratio (PR) and payback for loss in generated units.
  • We offer a unique Solar Energy Management Dashboard with real-time updates about performance and savings from the solar power plants.
  • We offer multiple solar tariff options under the BOOT model.

Our Focus

The right construction practices to suit client's solar plant requirement

Understanding power consumption habits and analysing client capacity to support renewable energy in their premises

World-class products and state-of-the-art designs

A region's atmospheric conditions to solar plant's economics for 25 years

Solar EPC Services

Kreate Green Energy is involved in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of solar plants. It is our larger aim to connect as many Indian rooftops to solar power as possible. As for commercial clients, thanks to various benefits such as capital subsidies, accelerated depreciation and attractive warranties, solar power is increasingly turning into a more attractive proposition. In the light of significantly escalating state grid power tariffs and diesel based generation prices in India, green energy demand is only bound to grow thereby pushing down prices even more leading to increased affordability.

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