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Kreate Energy (I) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading real time power solution providers in India. We offer services in the field of Power Trading, Energy Saving Certificate Trading and Energy Management to various clients across the country and abroad. Since 2009, we've traded more than 50000 Million Units (MU) for over 35 utilities and 1226 open access clients.

Our Vision and Mission statements are derived from our strategic thinking which include integrated planning & innovation and focused on error free implementation. It determines the direction of the organization to meet the intended goals. Our core values drive the organization’s culture and provide the framework within which the decisions are made. All these factors have helped us grow stronger with time and hence, the current turnover of the Company stands at 2992.49 crores, along with its PAN India and overseas presence.

We work in all the five electricity grid regions and for almost all State Electricity Boards/utilities in the country. Our offerings include short term and long-term products for sale and purchase of power to utilities, generators, industrial and commercial clients. We're a registered trading and clearing member of both the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) and Power Exchange India Limited (PXIL).

Trading of Power and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

A renewable energy credit (REC) also sometimes referred to as a renewable energy certificate or green tag is created for each megawatt-hour (1 MWh, or 1000 kilowatt-hours) of renewable electricity generated and delivered to the power grid. Technologies such as wind, solar PV, solar thermal, biomass, bagasse, black liquor and small hydro are eligible to earn RECs. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has notified regulation on Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) in fulfilment of its mandate to promote renewable sources of energy and development of market in electricity. The framework of REC is expected to give push to RE capacity addition in the country.

 A) RECs – Renewable Energy Certificates:

- As a momentous member of both the Power Exchanges, IEX and PXIL, Kreate Energy also facilitates the trading of  Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) on the platform of power exchanges.

 Kreate Energy is a reputed trader of REC as it ∙

- Has traded more than 68004 RECs ∙

- Trades Solar RECs as well as Non-Solar RECs

Kreate Energy offers following services for REC ∙

- Trading of power and REC’s, green power, through innovative product strategies      in bilateral and exchange market ∙

Support customers to prepare and file for REC issuance ∙

- Getting accreditation and registration for the project ∙

- Trading of RECs on power exchange ∙

- Daily reports and updates ∙

- Timely payment to RE generator

B) Kreate Energy provides innovative solution for REC.

- We are developing new products and structures to promote development of    renewable energy projects in the country.

- In solar, we are one of the first players to have entered into PPAs for sale of power on open access and sale of RECs.

- We are similarly helping many Bio-mass players in open access sale of power and RECs.

- We have developed specific products for small hydro power trading to ensure better realization and hence increased viability and development of such projects.

Biliteral Power Trading

A transaction for exchange of energy (MWh) between a specified buyer and a specified seller, directly or through a trading licensee or discovered at Power Exchange through anonymous bidding, from a specified point of injection to a specified point of drawl for a fixed or varying quantum of power (MW) for any time period during a month. Electricity Act 2003 has distinguished "Power Trading" as a separate licensed activity with the objective of developing power market in India to maximize resource utilization by promoting healthy competition among power players. For this reason, Power Trading is referred to as "purchase of electricity for resale thereof". CERC/SERCs have prescribed stringent "non-discriminatory open access" regulations and have also granted Inter-State Trading Licensees to 45 companies (as on July 2009). CTU/STUs have also defined detailed open access procedures to promote power trading operations in the country. The demand-supply gap among various utilities during day and month provides opportunities for power trading. With tightening of grid discipline by CERC regulation, the utilities are persuaded to plan their demand-supply gap in advance. This provides power trading a huge potential for growth. At .Kreate, we endevour timely payment for every transaction including energy and transmission charges as per the contract terms. Our payment track record is a testament to our commitment for transparency and timely settlement of accounts.

Banking of Power

Banking means residual electrical energy after utilization by the Exclusive or Partly Exclusive Consumer or captive consumption out of the injected energy in a month into the transmission and/or distribution system of Corporation/ESCOMs, which will be utilized for its own use or for wheeling to its Exclusive or Partly Exclusive Consumers at a later date/month, as per the terms and conditions set forth in agreements.

Meeting Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPOs)

The Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO) has been the major driving force in India to promote the renewable energy sector. Every Obligated Entity may meet its RPO target by way of (i) Own generation or procurement of power from RE developer or (ii) Purchase from other licensee or (iii) Purchase of renewable energy certificate or (iv) Combination of any of the above options. We conform to all State-wise regulations laid out across India.

Group Captive Power Plants

A group captive scheme is where someone develops a power plant for collective usage of many commercial consumers. The developer should have at least 26% of the equity and has to consume at least 51% of the power produced. The term "captive power scheme" was introduced in the Electricity Rule, 1995.

Power Trading

Short Term

Short Term Contracts for Power Sale / Purchase and Power Swap

Kreate Energy is one of the most significant players in direct bilateral market for Power Sale / Purchase as well as Power Swap Arrangement. Kreate Energy transactions are spread in all the five electricity grid regions of the country & all the State Electricity Boards / Utilities in the country are its clients.

Power Trading contracts which are for duration less than or equal to one year are known as Short Term contracts.

Kreate Energy has been actively participating in the bids invited by states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Sikkim, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh for Short Term procurement through tenders.

Kreate Energy so far has received Letter of Award from Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Sikkim, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh which aggregates to more than 6000 MW for supply on short term basis, including banking.

Long Term

Power Trading contracts which are for duration greater than one year but less than 5 years, are known mid-term contracts and contracts which are for duration greater than 5 years but less than 25 years, are known long-term contracts.

Kreate Energy transactions for long term contracts are also spread in all the five electricity grid regions of the country and almost all the state electricity boards / utilities in the country. Kreate Energy sources power for bilateral contracts from sources located PAN India, like:

- Captive Power Plants / Independent Power Plants / Merchant Power Plants

- Renewable energy sources (Bio-mass / Co-Gen / Municipal Solid Waste / Wind / Solar, etc.)

- Small hydro / run of the river hydro power plants

Power Exchanges

Kreate Energy is one of the most trustworthy member of both the power exchanges operational in India, namely Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) and Power Exchange of India Limited (PXIL). The services of Kreate Energy offers on Power Exchanges include:

Day Ahead Market

- Day Ahead Spot

Term Ahead Market

- Day Ahead Contingency

- Daily Contracts

- Intra Day

- Weekly Contracts

Kreate Energy game changer

Energy Management Dashboard

Optimize Energy Cost

Consumption Parameters

Detailed measurement energy consumption parameters and to assess present level of system performance.

Industry Behavior

Detailed study operations and plant processes to understand the behavior of industry.

Energy Conservation

Brainstorming and identification of Energy Conservation Opportunities.

Technological Recommendations

Recommendation of technological options to implement identified opportunities.


Techno-commercial evaluation of proposed solutions.


Implementation of approved recommendations, monitoring & verification of energy savings.

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