Innovation stems from a sense of curiosity in everything we do. It cannot be defined within the limits of a product. Whether it is redefining and redesigning products or the processes by which we arrive at them, or the way we deliver, it comes from thinking afresh. Sometimes it is about questioning structures that have existed for years and relooking at norms, and if needed, moving away from them.
Curiosity is an inherent behaviour. It makes us delve deeper into every aspect of what we do, explore more and question everything. And that's how we arrive at solutions we never sought before. It helps us look beyond the walls of norms we often build around us.
For us, curiosity is a journey along which our company developed from a skeleton to a living, breathing structure that is more flexible, sensible and empathetic. In an industry where thinking in power trading was limited to tracking market price fluctuations, demands from a major player in the textile industry pushed us to relook at power and the way we deliver. The standard one fits all solution wasn't enough to meet the requirements of textile manufacturing where the need for constant power was indispensable, with high margins at stake. That urged us to reject the norms and look for solutions from a fresh perspective. The answer lay in designing customised products for meeting specific industry demands. And that was just the beginning of a greater journey.

Whether it is devising a product that meets the textile industry's round the clock power demand with a dedicated power generator or branching out into new segments like smart tech, LED manufacturing and renewable energy project developments, we had to step outside our box to seek solutions to challenging problems. Over time, we chartered new territories, diversifying into new realms, like Energy, Lighting, Green Energy, Commodity Trading, Technologies and Advisory.

The paths that we have been taking and the plans we have devised for the future needed not just an expansion of the company but a modification of the very DNA of our organization. We needed a new approach the reflects the change our organisation is undergoing, and the potential it holds. And this new redefined identity took form as .Kreate.
.Kreate is a representation of our curious nature, and innovation is the life-force or vitality of .Kreate. It gives us the dynamism to stay relevant to the industry, market and our customers in the face of the changing times. It gives us the flexibility to extend ourselves in new dimensions, express our ideas and take a new approach as we continue to create stronger ecosystems, and long-lasting connections.

With this new identity, we are now geared to move forward with a greater drive and enthusiasm. We are ready for the future, whether it is seeking primacy in the market through product differentiation or stepping into new realms with a keen focus on Artificial Intelligence led development and process automation. An exciting journey lies ahead, and we will continue to move ahead with a firm belief in the power of creation and innovation.