A revolution in the corporate culture is being witnessed at a larger scale with the emerging requirement of emotional quotient along with intelligence quotient. And this has completely revolutionised today's global business landscapes. For example, Facebook has a dedicated empathy lab built only to recognise the consumer experience around their products. Similarly, Sap Lab has an inbuilt customer experience community to keep the conversation around consumer journey alive. The constant feedbacks from consumers make their products progressive and relevant. We as .Kreate aspire to be in a space where each of our solutions have real meaning in the real world. We wish to add value to our clients by placing humanitarian aspects at the forefront of everything we do. We attempt to remain cognizant to the future demands of the rapidly evolving industry.
We stand at the crossroads of a journey where we have the opportunity to define our own benchmarks. .Kreate is more than a brand, it is a promise we've made to ourselves, it is our new philosophy and an outlook we aspire to embrace. And empathy is an integral part of this outlook. We want to live by the legacy of creating real value for people and this culture is embedded in our DNA. Our involved interactions with our clients, our acumen to listen intently and understand their needs while thinking holistically to come up with customised solutions is a testimony to our human centric orientation.

We are moving forward with our values at our core. We are attempting to become more responsible towards our society, we're focused on eco-friendly solutions, we're reducing carbon foot prints among our partner organisations. All of this comes from a sense of accountability multiplied by a strong focus on tangible contributions to the world. And at the very foundation, it is leadership driven by empathy. We want to take this essence forward, in our conversations, in our everyday interactions and in our every single ecosystem. We wish to enable and empower ourselves with the ability to truly understand the magnitude of our own roles. It is only this innate understanding of what we do and why we do it that can drive us to be the best of ourselves and the creators of a brighter tomorrow.