A legacy
of excellence

.Kreate is a $350 million conglomerate that started out in 1997 as the Mittals Group. Over the years, we've established ourselves as providers of clean and efficient energy services which include solutions, advisory, and project development and support.

Solutions backed by expertise

Kulbhushan Mittal
Managing Director
21+ years experience in manufacturing, trading and power sector
Arun Kumar
Chief Executive Officer
MBA, MA (Eco), Delhi School of Economics with 24+ years of experience in investment banking and consulting in the power sector
Ashok Agarwal
M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering - Power System) with 39+ years of experience in the power sector
Trilok Chand Gupta
B.Tech, NIT Kurukshetra with 35+ years of experience in hydro power plant & EPC
Arti Mittal
10+ years of experience in the manufacturing, trading and power sector
Sunny Kumar
Associate Director
B.Tech, ICFAI University, Dehradun with 7+ years of experience in the Information Technology sector
Gaurav Rupani
Associate Director
B.Tech, ICFAI University, Dehradun with 7+ years of experience in the Information Technology sector
Dr Nirupama Srivastava
Vice President
MBA with 24+ years of experience in Corporate HR
Shalin Singh
Assistant Vice President
M. Tech, NIT Kurukshetra with 9+ years of experience in the power sector
Navneet Mishra
Assistant Vice President
M. Tech (Power Electronics) with 14+ years of experience in the power sector
Indrranil Roy Choudhuri
Assistant Vice President
Business Communication, IIM Calcutta with 15+ years of experience in brand management
Samrat Sengupta
Assistant Vice President
PGD (Energy Management), IISWBM, Kolkata with 20+ years of experience in advisory and renewable energy


Be a leader in innovating and investing in clean technologies to add value to our partners.


Be a leader in providing deep business insights, using emerging technologies and data analytics for improving business performance of our partners in the energy, commodity and green solutions.


Our values are the foundation for all of our actions. They are designed to help us reach our full potential and to guide our interactions with our clients.

As an ethically driven organisation, we are acutely conscious of our responsibilities towards the larger world. With that in mind, we have engaged in a number of philanthropic activities that seek to bring about a meaningful change in the society. Our CSR initiatives are carefully chosen for their potential impact and scale.


Opening minds to technology

By setting up computer training centers in Urlana village of Haryana through .Kreate Foundation, we are helping girls enhance their skills, increase their employability and open new pathways to success.

Free one-year course covering introduction to computers and software

Potential beneficiaries identified for the course

Conducted by professional trainers


Giving a platform to pioneers of tomorrow

We believe preparing children for the future requires holistic thinking.
To ensure that students don't suffer due to lack of facilities, we took an initiative through .Kreate Foundation for providing basic amenities in the government schools of Urlana village in Haryana. With the right environment, we believe students can focus better on their performance.

Government schools identified for offering support

Regular internet services provided

Fans donated and power backup facilities set up


Nurturing a relationship with humanity

For many families, life is a struggle to survive. Through .Kreate Foundation, we are helping underprivileged families by distributing ration on a monthly basis, thereby enabling them to think beyond their daily needs.

Potential beneficiaries identified for offering support

Monthly ration provided to the chosen families